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“Poetry makes nothing happen.” – Auden This line is taken from this poem. Don Share shares an illuminating discussion on this line here.  This is just for fun. Having fun is important. I’m interested in responses to this line. Or to the words in this line. Or non-responses. Or translations. Or photos. Or videos. I hope you’ll … Continue reading


“because poetry can move the fulcrum of the mind…

…just enough so that the world just enough so that this same world becomes electrified and bewildered.” A couple of weeks ago, Rebecca Hazelton shared Richard Siken’s stunning film of his poem “Why” paired with the haunting music of Marianne Dissard. I read somewhere that taking the time to concentrate on your breathing for just ten minutes each … Continue reading

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Poetry Pairing: Forms of Precipitation

The stunning essay “Rain” by Peter Kline in Ploughshares made me think of Mary Ruefle’s poem “Snow,” as both are electric and ripe with sensuality. Both make me wish for rain or snow–I wouldn’t discriminate. And like Peter Kline, because I reside in a city where both rain and snow are scarce, I would be lacking in the appropriate … Continue reading


Translating Rain

  Nearness of rain—without which all worldly work ends, whomever you are.Farthest skies—without which all natures end. A beautiful essay including translated poems and audio to read this morning: Flirting & The Excellence of Rain: On Translating Tirukkal | Essay & Poems by A. Anupama in Numéro Cinq.     Continue reading