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May words always befriend you

GalleyCat is celebrating National Poetry Month by interviewing poets about working in “this digital age.” Recently, they shared their interview with Naomi Shihab Nye. Her response to the question Has the internet changed the way you interact with readers? tickled me: Interacting with readers is certainly speedier now! It’s a gift, though I still love handwritten … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Hafidha Acuay on “Like You” by Roque Dalton

Thirteen summers ago I stood on a dais during a talent night in Central Iowa and read a poem. The poem was Roque Dalton’s “Like You,” and having neither planned for the occasion or having any real, demonstrable talents, the best I could muster was reading the poem in both Spanish and English – my accent for … Continue reading

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Big Poetry Giveaway

Kelli Russell Agodon is hosting the 5th Annual Big Poetry Book Giveaway for National Poetry Month. Those participating give away 2 favorite poetry books (or more) on their blogs. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be participating this year, and I’m delighted to be joining the roster with people who are model literary citizens and advocates. (To see the full list, please … Continue reading