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Video poems

“Poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”  – “Hospice” by Jessie Carty that first appeared at The Poetry Storehouse. This video was created by Nic Sebastian. “Dark Matter” by Ruben Quesada that first appeared in Cimarron Review. The video version of this poem now appears at PoetrySeen, a site that showcases short poetry videos. “A Son … Continue reading

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Poetry Pairing: Refugee

Shortly after reading Sonia Nazario’s opinion piece “The Children of the Drug Wars: A Refugee Crisis, Not an Immigration Crisis” in the New York Times, I happened upon the gift that is Fady Joudah’s poem “Mimesis.” Éireann Lorsung composed the following tweet late last week: “it is unbearable to be human.” Her words echo the thoughts of many over … Continue reading



“Poetry makes nothing happen.” – Auden This line is taken from this poem. Don Share shares an illuminating discussion on this line here.  This is just for fun. Having fun is important. I’m interested in responses to this line. Or to the words in this line. Or non-responses. Or translations. Or photos. Or videos. I hope you’ll … Continue reading